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Revenue Insurance: Covering Yield and Price Risks. Basic Requirements from an Insurance perspective

Managing price risk with crop revenue insurance has attracted much attention in recent years, with only two successful schemes (USA and Canada) indicating the factors most critical for success: ample regional yield-price information, effective ways of price discovery and – most importantly – extensive public support, both for regulation and finances.

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Livestock insurance and public-private partnership to be discussed in Istanbul
Agricultural insurance issues to be discussed in October 2014, Istanbul
2014 New Conference dates and place are set and announced
Ukraine - 2014 International Conference on “Agricultural Insurance, Reinsurance and Brokerage in CIS, Europe & Asia” - Dates and Place are set, registration is open
Global Agricultural Insurance Congress in Vienna: New Responses to Climate Change
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Agribussines insurance
General Insurance Article - Satellites in agricultural insurance
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International practice
The Evolution of Risk Management in Aquaculture: The Case of Insurance
Risk Management for Smallholders in Aquaculture: The Work of Aquaculture without Frontiers
Risk Management in Aquaculture: Case Study of Haiti
The contribution of remote sensing tools to risk management in aquaculture
Risk in Aquaculture: The Rise & Demise of a South African Commercial Shrimp Farm
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Risk management
Implications from Hail Damage on Young Corn
Endangered forests - Google has released the world forests map: Global Forest Watch
USA - Preventing trich vital for cattle ranchers
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Analytical papers
Russia Livestock Overview: Cattle, Swine, Sheep & Goats
'Fat cats' benefit from EU farming subsidies
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Traditional insurance products
Basic premium rates on multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI) program in Moldova
Canada - Bee Overwintering Insurance Program (Alberta)
Asparagus Revenue Market Loss Assistance Payment (ALAP) Program
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USA - 2014 Crop insurance payments likely (in Minnesota)

With Federal Crop Insurance, every year is different, and with the multiple options available to producers, there are many variable results from crop insurance coverage at harvest time. 2014 will be no different, with some producers choosing Yield Protection (YP) policies (yield only) versus Revenue Protection (RP) policies (yield and price). Producers also have differences in the level of coverage, and some producers chose optional units, while other producers chose enterprise units for 2014. Even with all these differences, a large number of corn and soybean producers in Minnesota with RP policies are likely to qualify for crop insurance indemnity payments in 2014.
USA - Slow start to harvest in the Upper Midwest

The combination of later-than-normal spring planting and a cooler-than-normal growing season has resulted in a slow start to the fall harvest season in most of the Upper Midwest, as we enter the month of October. A lot of corn and soybeans in southern Minnesota have turned color, and appear to be mature; however, much of this visual appearance was the result of damage following the early frost on Sept. 13 and 14, and not from the natural maturing process of the crop. A limited amount of soybean harvesting has begun in some areas, mainly on some earlier soybean varieties that were planted on a timely basis last spring.
Canada - Southern-area farmers hit hard by heavy September snow

It looked like a winter wonderland, but no one in southern Alberta was in the holiday spirit when snow arrived in early September. Forecasts called for less than an inch, but Mother Nature delivered six to eight in many areas. For the average farmer here, this is going to be very devastating. For many growers, that will mean a revenue loss of 30 per cent, and will come on top of the financial hit caused by a severe drop in grain prices this year. It’s actually a triple whammy for the south, as farmers there suffered from too much moisture for most of the spring and summer.
India - Banks Finally Give ‘Debt Relief’ to AP Government

In a much-awaited relief to the cash-starved Andhra Pradesh government, the State Level Bankers’ Committee (SLBC) on Tuesday reportedly agreed to accept its offer of upfront payment of 20 per cent outstanding crop loans of eligible farmers. The SLBC has constituted a sub-committee to look into proposals made by the Andhra Pradesh government on the modalities of crop loan waiver scheme and after a thorough discussion, finally conveyed its nod this evening. The AP government had on September 29 offered to pay `5000-7000 crore of the total outstanding crop loans to banks through the proposed Farmers’ Empowerment Corporation.
Philippines - Insurance program helps farmers cope with Climate change

Negrense rice farmers are coping with climate change through the Negros First Universal Crop Insurance Program of the provincial government. NFUCIP, on its third year was primarily created to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change to Negrense farmers whose crops are affected by the changing climate. The Provincial Government recently released insurance claims amounting to P1,080,174 to farmer beneficiaries. Records of the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist showed that in 2011, the provincial government has provided an initial fund of P4.5Million to cover rice crops of farmers.
Nepal - MoAD proposes Rs 487m additional compensation to farmers

In a report forwarded to the Agriculture and Water Resources Committee (AWRC) of legislature-parliament, MOAD has proposed a compensation of Rs 298 million for the damages caused to crops in 21 flood and landslide-affected districts. Likewise, it has proposed Rs 189 million in compensation for damages to livestock and birds in several districts. Earlier, MoAD had assessed total damages to crops by landslide and floods at Rs 2 billion. Last year, total production of rice stood at 4.5 million tons worth Rs 100 billion. Paddy is the main contributor to the agricultural gross domestic product (AGDP) and also a major component of the country´s economic growth.
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International Conference "Agricultural Insurance, Reinsurance & Brokerage in CIS, Europe & Asia" 
October 6-8, 2014
Istanbul, Turkey
2014 Livestock insurance and public-private partnership to be discussed in Istanbul

Agricultural insurance issues is going to be discussed at the International Conference "Agricultural Insurance, Reinsurance & Brokerage in CIS, Europe & Asia", October 6-8, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. Conference Agenda covers topics on high-value crop insurance, livestock insurance and national insurance programs development with PPP mechanisms applied. World’s top experts will discuss the importance of historical data use and its analysis for agricultural insurance programs development and actuarial calculation methodologies.

2014 Agricultural insurance issues to be discussed in October, Istanbul

New dates and place of the International Conference "Agricultural Insurance, Reinsurance & Brokerage in CIS, Europe & Asia" were set for October 6-8, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. Conference `Standard registration’ fee option has been launched on August 1, 2014. Conference Agenda will keep most of the topics planned earlier, as well, as it will be added with new speakers and topics. Quite a number of reinsurance and insurance industry representatives, brokers and insurance consultants from USA, Canada and Eurasia territories will participate in this event.

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Risk events
Italy - Hail on melons and secondary deseases: risk event

"After yet another hailstorm in the Mantua area, and the serious downy mildew problems, we have lost over 200 hectares of melons, i.e. almost the entire July and August production," explains Ettore Cagna, chairman of Don Camillo. "Such a disaster means it will be very difficult for us to comply with the collection schedule arranged with our clients." "Of course we had planned our production at the beginning of the season according to different schedules and areas, but we lost practically everything this year!" "We are indeed preparing an emergency programme to try and reduce any inconvenience for our clients though," concludes Mr. Cagna. Source - FreshPLaza
Ukraine - Winter wheat crops destroyed by fire

On July 11, 2014, 30 hectares of winter wheat in the Dnipropetrovsk region have been reported to be destroyed by fire. According to Fire Emergency Center report, the fire has been caused by the source of open flame. Specifics on fire occurrence have not been indicated in their report. At the time of conducting the loss adjustment procedures, the actual scope of damage has been identified: entire winter wheat crops on inspected fields were destroyed. Combustion stem and charred remains of the ear were revealed on the burned field.
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