Canada - Sask harvest has just begun in western areas

05.08.2022 293 views

The latest Saskatchewan agriculture crop report says harvest has just begun in the province.

Provincial crops extension specialist Matt Struthers says only a few fields have been combined so far this month, mostly in the west central and southwest regios.

In eastern areas, he says harvest is at lest seven to ten days away with some crops just now beginning to fill with seed.

He says rainfall varied significantly this past week, with the highest moisture at Unity with 53 millimeters, the Briercrest area at 49 millimeters, Avonlea 40 millimeters, Mayfair at 37 millimeters and Lake Lenore with 24 millimeters.

Cropland topsoil moisture is rated 4 percent surplus, 64 percent adequate, 25 percent short and seven percent very short.

Many pastures have improved and recovered from last year’s drought, but some in the west still had cattle pulled off due to lack of vegetation or dried up water sources.

The majority of crop damage this past week was due to minor flooding, drought, disease, wind, grasshoppers and hail.

Several hail storms crossed the province over the past week with substantial crop loss.

Hailstorms damaged crops from Marengo to east of Lake Diefenbaker, buildings, machinery and vehicles were also damaged.

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