India - Vegetable crops suffer 100% loss

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Hailstorms with heavy rain and strong winds caused extensive damage to the standing wheat, mustard and vegetable crops. Experts said the actual losses would be known only after four to five days of the hailstorms. Vegetable crops have been damaged heavily in the region, causing 100 per cent damage.

As per the available data, in Sonepat, the wheat crop has been sown in 3.5 lakh acres, and in Panipat in 2 lakh acres. Apart from this, the mustard crop in Panipat is sown in 12,000 acres and in Sonepat in 16,000 acres. Sonepat is adjoining Delhi, that’s why Kharkhoda, Rai, Sonepat and Gannaur are vegetable growing areas, spread over 25,000 acres.

In Sonepat, the major loss is in Kharkhoda, Sonepat and Rai block villages. However, the wheat crop has flattened but experts said it would stand up in the coming days, as there was a lot of time left for harvesting. However, the farmers claimed that the hailstorms had caused big loss to the wheat crop, too, as it had damaged the bunching of wheat seeds.

Ajit Singh, a farmer in Sisana village said horticulture crops, including tomato, bottle-gourd, lady finger, ridge-gourd, muskmelon etc . had totally collapsed due to heavy rain and hailstorms.

Apart from this, the hailstorms has caused a big loss to the wheat crop, which is around 70 per cent. The wheat is in the seed-developing stage at present, but due to the hailstorms the seed bunches have got damaged, due to which the wheat seed will not develop, said Ajeet Singh.

Dilbagh of Rohat village said there was hailstorms on Saturday evening and it caused big loss to the farmers. The horticulture crops, wheat and mustard in the area were damaged in Kharkhoda, Kakroi, Badhana, Rohat, Sisana, Jharoth, Jharothi, Sisana, Silana, Nirthan, Bidhlan, Khanda, Sehri and villages adjoining Sonepat and the Rai block.

The horticulture farmers had to plough the fields as there was a 100 per cent loss. The farmers also suffered a big loss in mustard and wheat crop, he added.

Devender Kuhar, subject matter specialist, Agriculture Department, said the vegetable growers had suffered great losses as the heavy rain followed by hailstorms damaged their produce and the farmers would have to plough their fields. Apart from this, it would be too early to comment on the loss of rabi crop. The actual loss would would be ascertained after four to five days, Kuhar said. However, the wheat crop is considered to be a hard crop, and it would stand within two to three days. He also advised the farmers to stop harvesting mustard crop for the next three to four days, Kuhar added.

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