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Risk events

Ukraine – Risk events observed in Zaporizhzhya region (July 2014)

Loss adjustment procedures have been conducted by experts for the Ukrainian Agricultural Insurance Pool member company. Crop observed -  winter wheat, location – southern part of Zaporizhzhya region, Ukraine. During the pre-insurance inspection, on March 18, 2014, the crops on those particular fields have been considered in `good` and `fair` conditions. Recent crop monitoring has been done based on the risk report from the farm. Experts identified foliage and stem desiccation of the crops on the observed fields.   According to loss adjustment report, the actual average weight of 1000 grains on the observed fields was rated at 29.6 - 32.1 grams. Typical weight for this type of wheat is considered at 38-42 grams of 1000 grains. Grain deformation was observed.   Control yield thrashing has been performed to calculate the actual yield loss. Source - http://www.agroinsurance.com


Ukraine – Concerns over barley in the season “Spring-2014”

Experts of the Ukrainian Agricultural Insurance Pool identified certain problems with winter barley in the southern regions of Ukraine, namely in Mykolayiv and Kherson regions, while doing pre-insurance inspections. While observing winter wheat and winter rye no problem were identified. According to inspections results, barley recovered from winter the worst, in south of Ukraine. As of March 31, 2014 no concerns on crop conditions in other regions were identified. Barley crop on the photos below were not recommended to be taken for insurance. Field substitution was recommended. Field #1 – Mykolayiv region One can see the complete absence of a secondary root system on the photo below Field #2 – Mykolayiv region On the photo below, one can see the lack of a secondary root system, plants are not tillered. Most of the plants on that field have formed a stalk at the time of entering the winter. Field #3 - Kherson region Tillered plants are in a depression after winter. No secondary root system is observed. Soil moisture deficit affected the vegetation renewal of barley crop. Источник - www.agroinsurance.com


Ukraine - Winter barley losses observed in Lviv region - May 2014

Winter barley damage has been observed due to intensive rains and water raise to the flood plains of Dniester and Svecha rivers. Excessive water and partial flooding on the fields caused partial, and in some areas total loss of winter barley crops. Loss ratio on insured fields has not been identified yet, due to partial crop renewal and changed weather conditions. Winter barley was exposed to the adverse weather conditions - downpour, flooding, prolonged rains, which cause flooding on the fields in Zhuravnovskyy , Oblaznitskyy , Berezhnitskyy and Lyubshanskyy village councils. Source - www.agroinsurance.com


Ukraine - Winterkill of canola in Kharkiv region

Insurance company insured about 1000 hectares of canola last autumn. The crops were in good condition. The crop was seeded during the last week of August and developed sufficiently to survive regular winter. In spring the crop was found perished due to dry autumn and low temperatures in winter. T


Ukraine - Corn damaged by hail (fotos)

Hail damaged crops in Cherkassy oblast on July 3 and 13, 2009. Corn got significant damage however forage corn was less affected. According to insurance experts, the farmers will

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